About Me

The love of drawing and painting has been the start of everything for me. As a child I was always drawing. Most of my drawings were of horses and later I started doing landscapes and people. Along with my love for portraying the beautiful world we live in through art, I also love to create things with paper. I started with cardmaking when I couldn't always afford to go out and buy a card. I recycled old cards I had been given to make them look new again. Later when Scrapbooking became popular I started using the decorative papers to make cards. When stamps became more widely available I incorporated them which lead to a full blown hobby in which I had to have every supply.

In 2007 I started working at my local quilting and scrapbooking store and the world of paper crafts opened wide. Here I gained product and technique knowledge like never before. I taught some classes and making mini albums soon became a favorite way to scrapbook and keep memories in these unique little books to cherish for years to come. Of course this lead to the idea of maybe selling them to others who might want something more interesting than a plain photo album to display their photos .